Why I love Sony for Buying Bungie

From left, Rockfish Games creative director Uwe Wütherich, myself, and Bungie art director Jason Sussman at Reboot Blue 2019

Greetings, Guardians!

“It’s been busy!” — cosmoblue86 has spent 880 hours in Destiny 2 since it was added to Sony PS+ in September 2018. Don’t check my KD though! It’s absolutely embarrasing, but I have a ton of fun nonetheless.

It’s complicated, but the Destiny 2 flame is burning more than ever!

Getting back into DestinyTheGame

Not gonna lie, I did the jumpy part to get through the secret passage that leads AROUND the massive spaceship only a few times. Most of the time, I just waited in front of the hangar door until one of my fellow guardians opened the door from the inside. Yet another great example, how Bungie designs co-op quests for players at different skill levels while still having fun together.
The verticality in the Presage quest is absolutely insane and a ton of fun, provided you have the right equipment and have mastered that fricking triple-jump on your Hunter!

A Master Class in Quest Design

Half-way through the mission, you have to fight your way out of a massive trash compressor. Sounds familiar? Yep, but this time you’re not just holding your breath while watching, it is YOU trying to find a way out before being squashed, or killed by a horde of exploding screeps.
No dice that I could have taken a screenshot during the final boss fight. This is the final scene where the spooky story of the Glykon concludes with the exotic weapon reward hanging underneath a not-so-lucky Guardian. You have to run the exotic quest several times to discover all secrets, logbook entries, and death traps. Trust me, even after ten runs it is exciting AF.

Bungie’s open-heart surgery approach to innovating Destiny 2

Closing Thoughts




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Michael Schade

Michael Schade

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